Drums and Percussion Workshop at CCWLC

This past week I had an awesome opportunity to teach a workshop at the annual Calvary Chapel Worship Leader’s Conference in Murrieta, CA.  The workshop was geared toward drummers and/or percussionists of worship teams.  It was a really fun time teaching and I enjoyed some of the questions and feedback.  I also had the pleasure of performing with Char Broderson, and Madison Cunningham at different times throughout the conference.

During the workshop, I spent some time addressing the world of both the cajon player and drummer.  My goal was to gear either person up for success as a well rounded musician and have a solid understanding of their role in a band.  So much material to cover in 75 minutes!  It was a fun challenge to try to make it beneficial to both beginners and advanced players who were in attendance.

To see a video of the workshop, you can stream it HERE.

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