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Last month month I met up with fellow San Diegan Scott Vanderwarf at my place to discuss God, life, music, and drums. Scott is the host and creator of The Christian Musician podcast, which covers different topics revolving around, well, the life of the Christian and musician.  The podcast is very practical and is full of useful insights.

This months podcast, split into two episodes, is covering drums (of course). It was hard to know what information would be most beneficial for drummers to hear about considering that there could be anyone listening to the podcast – beginners or pros. So I tried to go over material that would hopefully benefit anyone and everyone.  In this first episode, more of the info is geared toward beginners.  More advanced material will be covered in the next episode (in two weeks).

Here is some of the material covered in this episode:
-My beginnings about walking as a Christian and as a drummer.
-My experience working for different artists such as Leeland, Bethany Dillon, Future of Forestry, Evan Wickham, the Eagle and Child, and more.
-Advice on what you need to get started and how to grow from where you are.
-4 things I recommend to people just starting out.
-Electronic vs Acoustic drums.
-Suggestions for beginning on a church music worship team.

You can hear the audio below.


If you enjoy this podcast and would like to hear more, be sure to visit Scott at The Christian Musician Podcast (.com).  Links to subscribe are on the page.



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