Easter Weekend

I have a handful of photos to share from Easter weekend here in San Diego taken by Ray Regno.

Good Friday (3/29) was very memorable for me, as I had the privilege of playing with Evan Wickham at Horizon’s Good Friday event. It is held every year at the Spreckel’s Organ Pavilion at Balboa Park. My family and I spend a lot of time hanging at Balboa, so this place is very dear to us. It is a historic venue and it’s a lot of fun to play there!

Easter itself was awesome, getting to celebrate with friends at Horizon. I was playing alongside my good buddy Joseph Pfiefer and we had a great time playing with some friends. It can be tricky sound-checking for an outdoor event at 7AM with apartments all around… Kinda had to make everything happen within just a few minutes (not kidding)!! Then just had to wait til we were going to start. Super fun though.

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